BRAD JEPSON is one of the most exciting horn players in the Southeast. He is known in jazz and funk circles for his aggressive tone and emotionally charged voice on the trombone. Living in Greenville, SC, he can be seen leading bands as the Brad Jepson Quintet, the Greenville Jazz Collective, and Mill Town Brass Band, as well as performing with many other ensembles. He is the president of the Greenville Jazz Collective and is also an engineer at Jacobs Engineering.

Brad moved to Greenville in 2007 and developed a more informed and mature sound. Growing up in Kansas City, he had learned feel of the blues; studying in Chicago, he had learned the language of modern jazz; and now in South Carolina he has fused the passion into his music.

Brad mixes all of these influences into his performances, making jazz funky and funk intricately jazzy. Brad will undoubtedly continue to exhilarate audiences as he explores the musical space between diverse genres.